• I open the tin, pour the contents in a pot and let it boil on the stove.. or pour the contents in a bowl and stick it in a microwave for until it bubbles.. alternately, I don't cook it, I put some in with my tuna, mayo and onion.. Very nice..
  • You don't; it's already cooked. You heat it, or combine it with other ingredients which may or not taste better heated--that's up to you.
  • Prepare mine, heated in the microwave, with a little butter, and Mrs. Dash
  • No, you will find better quality corn is quick frozen and it doesn't have that metallic taste. And you aren't paying for liquid, just corn. I can open up a bag and pour out just what I need. Very handy. But if it's fresh corn season, I love fresh corn. On the cob or cutting the kernels off the cob. I really love to take the kernels off and then just toss them in a non-stick skillet and almost toasts them. Sometimes I add a dab of butter but usually it's just plain. I get great corn flavor that way.
  • I don't do it very often because I prefer frozen or fresh but if I do, I drain all that salty water and put it in a pan with a dab of butter, some pepper and maybe a little salt if needed. I like to use a non stick skillet to almost toast the kernels. It seems to give them a little pep of flavor.

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