• Only in private schools.
    • Victorine
      Wrong. Many public schools require them now.
  • Yes many Catholic and some other private schools do this. Some “big city” schools have taken up a uniform dress code to prevent the kids from fighting over and stealing each others clothes.
  • My husband thinks the "Parochial Schoolgirl" uniform is very sexy. Usually, the skirt is short, plaid woolen material with pleats. I think he likes the knee socks and sweaters worn with it.
  • Mostly private schools, but now a lot of 'public' schools are requiring uniforms as well. Without joking, this takes the gang-type clothing, pants falling off your butt clothing, revealing clothing, etc., and changes it all. It puts the emphasis back on education, not a fashion show. My kids wore uniforms all through school & I for one am all for it.
  • I used to. But I was a kid, and catholic. (neither now!)
  • I'm Canadian, if that counts... I went to a highschool where uniforms were mandatory. Of course, I hemmed my kilt a good 8 inches higher than it was supposed to be. I still wear it sometimes actually. It's really cute.
  • They have never been common in schools in the USA, but are sometimes used in private schools.
    • Victorine
      They are much more common now than they once were.
  • Many Americans do at private schools.
  • Students at public schools do not wear uniforms. However, student who go to private school usually wear uniforms.
    • Victorine
      Many public schools now require uniforms.
  • Often. Many private schools require them and public (state-supported) schools in many locales increasingly do so as well.

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