• Drug overdose. Staley had battled heroin addiction for years. He injected a lethal combination of cocaine and heroin (known as a "Speedball") and died as a result. He died on or about 5 April 2002 in his Seattle, WA condo, but was not found until 2 weeks later. He was 34. Notes of interest: Layne died 8 years to the day of Kurt Cobain (Nirvana). His girlfriend Demri Parrott passed 29 Oct 1996 from an untreated infection of the lining of her heart (possibly caused by drug use). Note the word possibly. Indeed, she did die of a condition called endocarditis: What is endocarditis? Endocarditis is an infection and inflammation of the heart's inner lining (endocardium). It is most common in people who have a damaged, diseased, or artificial heart valve. What causes endocarditis? Endocarditis is caused by bacteria (or rarely, fungi) that enter the bloodstream and settle on the heart valves. Bacteria can be introduced into your bloodstream through activities such as flossing your teeth, having medical, dental, or surgical procedures, or using intravenous (IV) drugs.
  • It is definetly true that he died from drugs but his ex fiance did not die from drugs she died from an untreated infection of the heart valves also an infection of the lining of her heart no drugs were used of her death.
  • He O.D.ed on herion if I'm not mistaken.
  • A drug overdose. Two blocks away from where I live.

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