• Get involved with a medical copay ASAP, keep hush and wait till the introductory period has passed then go to the HMO that they have on the plan and have them diagnose you. Don't go right away; wait for the exclusionary clauses to pass then make your plans. Have the HMO's know what you do for a living and tell them what safety devices you use. If they determine that you were not properly protected by your company you will be within your rights to seek proper legal advice if the medical survey proved that your employer was indeed liable for inadequate protection while performing the duties required of you. Also check all waivers and documents signed by you forgoing any responsibility waiving your employer from ant obligations for redress while performing services of your employer while adhering to corporate guidelines.
  • If you were injured on the job, you should be eligible for workmans comp.
  • If you have already quit working at Home Depot and did not file an injury claim with them, at the time of the injury, you are probably out of luck. they will claim you hurt your back elsewhere, after leaving Home Depot. it will be up to you prove otherwise. This is a sticky situation. the name of the game is you did not file at the time of the injury and the lapse of time between the event and now. You may not win.
  • You should always report any workplace injury, repetative body stress or unexpected pain to the employer as soon as it ocurrs. This allows the employer to be aware and take action to address safety issues or concerns and correct a problem by providing a timely solution. You protect yourself and your job satisfaction. You could even possibly save someone's life, especially at Home Depot. Where there are lots of safety hazards from chemicals, machinary, moving equipement, etc. All states have workers compensation laws and these laws can differ by state. There are also federal safety standards and OSHA laws that employers are required to comply with. You should know your rights. You should also work safe and address safety and workplace concerns with your employer; if that fails to yield positive results then you may want to find a new job (especially if you are working in unsafe working condistions) or you may want tseek legal recourse.
  • A lot of "ifs" here. You can claim workmans comp., if you reported the injury to managemnet. You can see a doctor, if you filed the report and Home Depot sends you to "their doctor". You must understand that most companies have workman comp. doctors on their payroll. These doctors are going to be in favor of Home Depot, no matter how serious an injury you may have. If Home Depot decides to send you to "their" doctor, be sure that you also see "your doctor", also. your doctor will give you a correct diagnosis. Its all about "ifs".
  • Sure, the least you have is to claim workmans comp. The next day you are at work and your back starts hurting after you have been lifting - report it to your manager, You probably did not realize it immediately when you injured your back at first. All of that lifting has aggrevated the problem.

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