• The best way is to be open and honest about your feelings for your neighbor. Simply tell your neighbor that you have romantic feelings toward her and that you find yourself in an awkward situation, but that you feel much better after having told her how you feel and that you are hoping that she feels the same way. Good luck and I wish you two the best of luck! P.S. Now, my wedding invitation will be in the mail, right? ;)
  • thats the same thing that happened to my best friend. for about 7 years he was unsure about whether to adresss the issue or not. the whole time i was begging him to just tell her how he felt and she would surely open up to him. but he never really did it. please. dont screw yourself. just ask her. she might be waiting for you to make a move.
  • Go in slowly...ask her out on a date...see what her reaction is...and on the date you'll know if it's just friends...or something more.
  • Don't worry about the change for more, just be friends first, and it will be better, life is smoother with less questions and more knowing. Besides coming right out and asking her if she's trying to be romantic might ruin the friendship, or make it very awkward.
  • If you feel strong enough that it's time and the time is right, then go for it. If it makes her awkward in anyway, then back off and recover with something like "your friendship is more important to me though, so if that's all we are than I'm happy with that". Assuming that's how feel of course! Good luck!
  • have a dog? make it do a pupu in her lawn XD then it goes like this "oh heck im really sorry bout this" what you need is a chance to talk to each other not risking the fact yer gonna tell her straight dont escalate that fast neighbors friends then up you go
  • invite her to do something with either a group of friends or by yourself if its by yourself then make sure its not to intamit. Maybe have a cookout invite her. or the old fasion way just tell her how you feel
  • If she is giving mixed signals, then maybe she feels the chemistry between you and is not sure of her next move. Maybe you should invite her out and see what happens. ;)
  • Ask her if you can park your car in her garage for a night and see what she says.

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