• I haven't eaten the fruit itself but I've had it in a sweetended drink, a drink like orange juice only just straight guava juice instead, and a smoothy. Guava is a wonderful fruit. =) I even have seads that I brought back from Hawaii so I can grow some.
  • It was very good.
  • I haven't eaten a guava, but a Latin American restaurant near my house uses it in many of its sauces, and I LOVE those. Yummy!
  • no. but I have had guava juice to was good.
  • just dried guava bits in my trail mix. they taste like little sugary sponges. I like to imagine fresh guavas are a little more exciting. :)
  • Back in Brazil we had a guava tree in our front yard. I remember eating it every day as a kid (they were white guavas). It is my favorite fruit. It's so good, that as a 4 year old I almost fell off the roof trying to get one. It's so good that people would jump our gates in the middle of the night to steel some and risk getting the asses kicked by my mom. Mmmm...guava...
  • I have, and I loved them! I was in India when I first tried them. I saw a huge bowl of them, and I had asked my mom what the fruit was, and she said guavas. I asked her to cut one up for me because I wanted to try it. Once I tried I fell in love with it. Unfortunately guavas are known to make the person who is eating them to have a lot of poo. I was in the bathroom for a long time that day. :)
  • I love scooping out guava pulp and eating it. It looks so pretty, too. And guava juice is really good, too. You can make great jelly with it. It tastes or the texture is a bit like a pear, you know, granular. But the center is really sweet and smells yummy. The closer you get to the rind the more bitter it is. But the closer part to the rind alos has the most calcium and good stuff for you:-)
  • guava is one of my favorate fruit, very delicius and yummy.
  • Love guava. I ate it in India. You get two types of guava in India. Pink one is said to be better. Sprinkle a little salt mixed with chilli powder on guava. Yum !!!
  • Yes, I had guava the first time when I was in Hawaii. It is delicious and also had guava sherbet a true delight.

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