• I don't think it has anything to do with it.
  • You might get spots before your eyes!
  • No just the munchies and the occasional paranoia. Perhaps it was all that chocolate eaten while stoned which brought about the outset of acne.
  • theres tar in maijuana which is very oily and sticky. when it comes in contact with the face it clogges the pores, which means yes it can cause acne.
  • No, but I've heard that it may cause horrible death.
  • I would say indirectly. Tar on your fingers, then you touch your face, or the grease you get when you devour a bag of chips.
  • Yes. But, you will not feel so bad about it. Get it????
  • Marijuana increases testosterone in the body, so it can lead to minor outbreaks (a handful of pimples as opposed to full on acne)... it should also be noted that this only happens in the case of frequent use (daily) and that if you're smoking marijuana on a much less regular basis you certainly shouldn't run into any issues. and if you're smoking it routinely, pick up a bottle of clearasil and you're good as gold.
  • Finally! I have found someone that has noticed the link between acne and marijuana. I question the same thing but have not gotten a concrete answer. I went months without smoking and noticed a vast difference in my face from when I did smoke on a regular basis. Im going to have to yes, yes there is a link but probably more so in a person that is prone to acne in the first place. Acne is hereditary so if u have family that has had issues or still does, then the smoking probably brings the acne out in u.
  • no bitch cigarettes do
  • I used to smoke weed (no cigarettes, they're disgusting) every day literally from the time I woke up till I went to sleep, and I had horrible big zits on my back, chest and face. About 2 or 3 weeks after I stopped smoking though, they all went away, and I see a definite correlation between the two, but proving that it's a causal relationship would be very difficult. My diet hasn't changed a bit since I stopped smoking, and my theory is that I'm already prone to acne thanks to my mom's ass genes, and the tar from smoking weed most likely clogs my pores.
  • its usually due to sexual hang-ups when adolescents get it, theyre having a hard time coming to terms with their puberty
  • Not in my case and I've smoked it for years.
  • haha the only way i think it would cause acne is because it makes u too lazy to wash your face! I've come home blown too many times and just knocked out without taking off my make-up and woken up with some pimples because of it!
  • ever since i became a habitual marijuana smoker, my face gets tons of painful zits along the side of my face and especially around my mouth and chin. i am prone to acne anyway but had nice skin once i got to be about 17. when i was like 18 i started smoking pot. i noticed small bumps growing on my chin and when i started smoking quantity a day, it got so bad. i'm on day 3 of quitting and already can tell the difference. i also just bought this Triple Clean astringent by noxzema, it is by far the best thing i have ever used on my face. my skin was nasty yesterday and will be almost clear tomorrow!
  • i been smoking for 6 years n i could they you that weed does cause acne. i stop smoking for 1 month n in the month my face was so clear i coulden't believe it so i made my own little research i smoke again for 3 day an the acne came right back in massive number. so if u want to get rid off your acne n u smoke pot you have to lose the habit n change your diet stoped eating fast food n chips an soda that really bad for your health n are biggest organ n that will be are skin. my last dance with maryjane was not that great...
  • if your smoking weed, ance's the least of your problems.
  • Haha, everyone on here saying Marijuana causes acne are fucking stupid, NO offense, actually, come to think of it, much offense intended LOL, because through HighSchool I had fucking BAD acne,I'm talking terrible acne, like dots on dots on dots on my face lol, anywho I started a Three Day Acne cure program that requires dieting, excercising and making your body healthy, wich in turn makes your skin healthier, DIG? However at age 18 I start smoking weed, note that I am still using the program to this day, however, besides that I would say I smoke upto half an ounce a week (I go hard yes) and I don't have a single pimple that decides it wants to POP up, SO NO Mull does not encourage acne, thx for listening, and the ppl saying it does encourage ACNE, get your head out of your ass and have a JOINT :)
  • I don't think it does. I had acne since i was 13, like really severe acne. I got on accutane sophmore year of highschool && it really helped. Im 18 right now && i smoke, i've been smoking since 16 but now i smoke like everyday && my skin is better than ever. Still a couple scars but with a whitening cream at night and you'll be just fine! :)
  • Do I look like I've got acne?
  • I've always had great skin, and have smoked for years now but recently as I've started to smoking more often I've definitely noticed a huge difference, and I'm getting big painful zits...that's incentive enough for me to go back to the once or twice a month.
  • I was wondering about this...however, my face has been clear up until this year. Mostly over the past few months my face has decided to break out. I've been a smoker for over 2 years now...and I mean dedicated smoker. I do believe stress has to do with the acne, but not so much the pot. Also, pot makes you eat sugary foods, which do cause acne, so possibly that's all it is.
  • Yes marijuana cause acne because it can effect on lungs, bones, cancer cells, metabolism. It increases testosterone in the body. So, it can cause acne.

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