• The "cinderella" type stories. Yeah, right.
  • Whenever I see someone fire a machine gun with one hand. I mean, come on. Having been a machine gunner, I have to constantly tell myself to just go ahead and voluntarily suspend disbelief. You never see anyone firing correctly -- even M-16s or AKs. The barrels raise quite a bit. After three or four rounds, you're off-target. But the most realistic fight scene I've ever seen is actually in "Bridget Jones's Diary." Colin Firth and Hugh Grant don't know how to fight, just like most people really don't, and they're exhausted after about five minutes, just like people really are.
  • Pornos....that shit NEVER EVER EVER HAPPENS TO ME...;)
  • I think the scene in the most recent Star Wars movie where Anikan is fighting Obi Wan on the lava. Then when Obi Wan walks away Anikan mircausly catches fire when he's like 6 feet from the lava. Of course that didn't happen when they were fighting while balancing on floating lava rocks that put them 6 inches or less from the lava. I wasn't really a fan of Star Wars to begin with and that movie didn't really help.
  • How about ANY "driving" scene? The "drivers" are always moving the steering wheel back-and-forth!!! If someone were to REALLY try to steer that way--the car would zig-zag across the road!!!
  • When cars are driven off twenty foot bridges on to the road below, and bounce up a little then carry on, with perhaps some superficial damage, and two large gentlemen having a twenty minute fight involving much punches to the face, yet somehow no blood is drawn.
  • how about the entire running time of every James Bond film? :) +5

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