• For a weekend getaway, the only place I've gone to a B&B was in Havre de Grace Maryland. However, I've stayed for other purposes in a whole lot of B&B's all over the UK, mostly from the book Stay on a Farm or recommended by
  • We went to two in Ireland this last december... One was in a castle in Cahir... and the other one was on this beautiful hillside in Kenmare... I loved both of them... Probably the one in Kenmare the most... The people that owned it were a british couple... They were the most hilarious and interesting people I have ever talked to... It was a great trip!!
  • I have been to several. The nicest was a Victorian House in Healdsburg, CA on the Russian River. We were on a wine country tour with our very young son, and they had a separate cottage for children, and a swimming pool. It was one of the few that allowed children. The most rustic was the Jenner Inn and cottages, (Treehouse cottage), on the Sonoma coast. It was very cozy, and the meals in the main room were homemade and delicious. We often go to Lake Tahoe and stay at various B & B around the lake.
  • Many times. My favourite was a little place just outside Edinburgh, where the owner was a cordonblue chef and dinner was included!
  • Landed at Gatwick and grabbed a taxi to a nearby B&B run by a wonderful couple. Very restful weekend. No tourism; barely stirred. Need some more of that.
  • Incredible place on Fernadina Beach, Florida called the Williams House. Impeccable. Been to a couple in Charleston that are wonderful. Anything on the Battery there. One in San Fran, darn can't remember but I'll look it up.
  • Hubby and I have been to several, but our favorite was a place called "Ten Thousand Delights." It's a B&B with renowned food, with a teahouse (with a glass floor!) directly on top of a stream-right near a waterfall, protected woodlands, a labryinth, Buddhist gardens and peace flags, a tee-pee, etc. All located on Keuka Lake, NY. We went in October at peak Fall foliage time. It was heavenly. We had a room with an outdoor balcony, but we could also lie in bed and watch the sun come up over our feet.
  • I used to operate a B&B in New Hampshire. They're typically a good bargain for the service and attention you receive. Often they're more picturesque and give you a better idea of the people in the area where you're visiting, as well.
  • Yes, been to a nice one in Spring Lake, NJ. Everytime we would go I would end up with my period and was not to happy about that so we stopped going. If I planned a weekend there, was guaranteed to be on the rag.

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