• Possibly because they are exotic animals? Near extinction?
  • I didn't know there was! I better quit killling them! LOL J/K How much is it?
  • Because of the piety of such an insect, it would be an abomination to squash it during its benedictions. However under the Abu Gharaib prison rules, you are allowed to torture it and use water boarding as a means to elicit a confession though.
  • Possibly for obstruction of religious practices.
  • Not a monetary fine, but there is a spiritual penalty, and it's intended to restore the harmonic balance of the universe. Usually it's whatever the priest prescribes after confession, and fortunately martyrdom isn't pricey as it used to be. As of 2002, it was a dozen "Hail Marys", but that may have been adjusted since for inflation.
  • Where would this be? Never heard of it. In the USA you can buy them through catalogs for gardening so I don't see why they would be endangered at all or have to be protected.
  • Didn't know much about them until I watched Marco Polo on Netflix

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