• I don't know but i am sad about it. I am not sure about this girl. What a show tho last night EH!?
  • The "scoop" is she was fired, because of ratings. the new girl has had a much publicized battle with weight, I think they feel her soap opera fan base will follow her to the show (and the soap opera demo graphic is what they want) I liked Caroline. I hate the blonde trainer chick, but I am glad they brought back Jillian too
  • I liked her, but I know of several people who thought that she was too heavy to be presenting that show.
  • Thanks you guys! I really liked her and this new host hasn't won me over yet. I guess I'll have to get used to her though since my roommate makes us watch it! The show is super-drama but it's pretty entertaining.
  • It's just very bad when your host gains weight each and every season. It seemed like she just kept getting bigger. I don't think it sends the right message. Plus, she really wasn't a good host. She didn't read lines well and it always felt awkward when people were all excited and hugging in the finalies and she would be trying to order them around. It was just really weird. I'm glad they finally replaced her. No offense to her, I just didn't like her as a host.
  • have no idea

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