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  • i don't mean to sound rude, but if she has a low sex drive, leave her ass alone1!! if you want her to want to have sex with you, do what makes her feel good and sexy! pressuring her to let her you stick your cock in her ass won't help!!! do what she likes. maybe try oral . . . . A LOT of oral!! that tends to increase women's libido! don't worry about getting your jollies off, GET HERS OFF!! this will at least make her happy, but more than likely, make her want to fuck you more! save ass sex until she wants any sex. seriously . . . turn her on and get her off! it might be a while before you get yours, but it'll probably be quicker than trying to stick it in her ass!! sorry, i know that's a little rant-y, but i'm sick of men thinking they can fix anything with a dick in the ass!!!
  • I think your information is confused. The orgasm during anal sex might be better, but it is because she is using a vibrator or her fingers at the same time. It is a clitoral orgasm. In any case, her sex drive is more likely related to your relationship and communication. You should be talking with her instead of posting here.
  • If she is not having orgasim your not doing it right...stimulate the clitours...Anal sex I believe there are nerve ending which makes it sensitive...But you must rember to use Lots of Lubrication you can damage her insides...

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