• just breathe and try to relax when your around him act like he just another person. have fun. i've been in the same situation.
  • he probably likes you.
  • I've done this with guys I was strongly attracted to. I would be like really smart having a great day everything going my way then they walk in the room & I'm tripping over my tongue, my mind goes blank & I just feel like a stupid kid that can't think. Even though they would be flirty I would get nervous & stupid. I guess that is what they call the 'gitty' feeling or butterflies in your stomache.
  • Because his opinion matters so are afraid to move....Relax he sounds like he's really into you.
  • Perhaps you are afraid of getting hurt and can't believe a guy would show so much interest in you.
  • I think you are just shy. It's probably a sign that you like him too.

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