• It depends on where you go, and they will often do what they can to help you out, if you really need it. That sucks that in a country this rich we can't afford to provide everyone health insurance, but it's no problem spending a trillion dollars a year on war.
  • Usally it is free or based on your income. A good place to start if you don't know where a place like planned parenthood is located is the Welfare Office in your county.
  • They use the sliding fee schedule so its based on your income.
  • as stated before..they use a sliding it could be free!
  • "Service Price Annual Exam: $50, $70-$90 " "*Prices are subject to change. Please check back regularly to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information. **Some birth control pill brands may cost as much as $25/pk. Please be sure to check with the receptionist on the price of your particular pill brand. Payment Options Discounted rates for some services are given for minors and when family income level below $22,500 can be verified." Source and further information:
  • You might want to call them. The only thing they do here where I am is abortions.

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