• This is a temper tantrum....."If I can't have my way you can't play in my yard!!" Sound like a 4 year old? Yep. Recognize that this is a remnant behaviour of when you were a little girl. Remind yourself of this whenever you start to get can CHOOSE not to behave like this. You may find you 'grow out' of it...but you can help that process along by being aware of it and by controling it. If not, you'll do this with all relationships, which will make it hard to marry eventually.
  • This is the classic "love-hate relationship". Ever heard of the saying "wake up and smell the coffee"? This will happen to you one day, when this guy has had enough of your mixed emotions and completely dumps you. On again, off again gets boring in a hurry. He does have eyes and will look elsewhere. Make a change and stick with it, or he will be gone.
  • well carry on doing what you're doing, treating him like that and very soon he won't give you the option, he will finally close the door on your relationship. There is only so much one person can put up with.
  • I'm not sure, but haven't you grown up where one of your parents always threatened the other one to leave them? And then they kept on going back to each other? (I don't know, but cause i've got a thing in my life which in a way is similar to your situation -i always left him and went back- and tried to find the answer why i did things.) I think you brought this behavior from your childhood (maybe you were allowed to shout with your parents and shut the door, and 3 hours later go back as nothing happened, i don't know). But true, if you keep on doing this once he'll get fed up, and he will find someone else even if he'll still love you. Everyone need to feel in a relationship that they are appreciated by the other one. In your case.. if you keep on throwing him away after awhile his self-esteem won't be able to take it. Don't think you can make it up. Sorry. The only way you can it'll take time, if you'll be able to stay cold head by the next situation, and show him that you changed, and you won't leave him. Ok? You can do it! Think on that this is the person who you love, you can't do that with him! He's more than everything for you, don't hurt him! Ok? Good luck!
  • Someday he's gonna find someone that won throw him away, well i think there is something wrong with you.You need time to grow and learn the hardest things in life.If you love him make him happy, if you cant change let him find happiness in other.Dont be selfish, its alright, there is time for everything. You'll be better next time, if not in him, maybe in a new relationship.
  • make more effort. control your emotions. go and talk to someone. find out what your comfort zone is. i used to get cross all the time but if you do something silly i.e. I always literally put my tongue in my check at my boyfriend and we end up laughing!! or do the Jordan and Pete thing where you join your wee fingers and the fights over!
  • How about you think about what you say before making decisions and saying things you don't mean?
  • me and my boyfriend are having similar problems. hess so ignorant and makes me so mad; sometimes i feel like hitting him because im so mad and i just want us to be done but afterwards i relize thats not what i want and i love him to death but my boyfriend kept leaving me when we argued he would say stuff like "6 months too long* "we dont belong together" "our relationship sucks" go fck yourself" "bitch" mean stuff like that but in the end hes always always so sorry and always says he never means it. and of course, i always give in. right now were doing a bit better; better than before, but we still bicker. what you need to do is talk it out and say i dont want to argue anymore, i love you and i cant lose you. i dont mean what i say to you when we argue. you know stuff like that. and believe it or not its usually the girl who causes the guy to leave her. ive read a book on it. i bought it off the internet. its called catch him and keep him. theres a intro thing on the web page that give out a lot of free information without buying the book. all you have to do is put in your email address. here ill give you the link. hope it helps and i wish you the best of luck with your man(: take care hun
  • If you keep doing that you'll make him feel really bad about the relationship because it's hurting him. Put yourself in his shoes and realise how horrible it feels to go through that. Make a decision to stop it, promise him you will stop doing that and never do it again. Prove yourself to him by actually never doing it again.

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