• well time has no beginning and will have no end.. only time as WE see it does. since we truely can not comprehend this, we can t explain it. However even if nothing was here time would still pass just as it always has and always will.
  • We assume that there was a starting point of time and space because of the continued expansion of the universe (rewind and it all had to come from some point, right?) There is a cyclical universe theory out there in which the universe expands and contracts (ending and beginning time and again) but I'm no expert on this. Eternity is a concept and I believe it can't be applied to our universe because our universe had a beginning.
  • Anything is possible!
  • I always heard said that life is eternal......If so, what was mine all about before I was born. Since I don't remember (can't remember) did I exist before conception. If not, why would I believe that I will accept after my natural death. Very puzzling question and one that I've wondered about as well.
  • Well. Lets look at the universe itself Modern theories suggest that, despite the fact our universe's rate of expansion is increasing (dark energy) we can still account for mechanisms which allow for a cyclic big bang process, (e.g. brane world collisions). While, admittedly, this is all theory-based, and not even readily backed up theory. Just humour me. With this system in place, another theory I read about a couple months ago relates pre-big-bang states to post-big-bang states and states that not all information will be lost whilst undergoing the process of a big bang. So if time as infinite and the universe has been going through big bangs forever, with some information retention, we need to invoke the third law of thermodynamics (the law of increasing entropy). Under this picture, everything in the universe would have reached maximum entropy (e.g. what is more commonly called heat-death) where everything is at the exact same temperature and at maximium entropy =) so the third law preludes the possibility of the universe having existed for an infinite amount of time.
  • Concepts arent real, just ideas humans create to help discuss observations. The concept of eternity is useful when describing time, but may not be accurate. As previosuly implied, humans may only be capable of experiencing time as a subset of its true existence.
  • Your question confuses me. Eternity, by definition, has no beginning or end. eternity One entry found for eternity. Main Entry: eter·ni·ty Pronunciation: i-'t&r-n&-tE Function: noun Inflected Form(s): plural -ties Etymology: Middle English eternite, from Middle French eternité, from Latin aeternitat-, aeternitas, from aeternus 1 : the quality or state of being eternal 2 : infinite time <lasting throughout eternity> 3 plural : AGE 3b 4 : the state after death : IMMORTALITY 5 : a seemingly endless or immeasurable time <an eternity of delays>
  • you have been listening to "the windmills of your mind. " ..haven't you? LOL Actually I believe that there are things we will never understand nor should understand..that said, I feel that eternity has no beginning and no end..The Big Bang was just the end of another era..and the beginning of this one.
  • Time has no beginning or end...How many planets that had life dissolved into oblivion in the past, trillions it would be an infinite number, This is true because if our planet disapeeared tomorrow who would know...just a speck of dust along with trillions of the same
  • i believe that is very possible. we are all forced to accept one of two possibilities for the beginning of everything: 1) at some point, something came from nothing, or 2) something has always been (be that time or other). personally, neither of these is easier to swallow and both are entirely possible. good question!!!
  • A world without end. I don't know if I can believe this because everything is going to decay and die even the planets, moons and the stars. There is only a finite amount of time for everything in the universe.Unless you want to push the envelope of time and say that there is an infinite amount of time for the earth, not.
  • Those aren't mutually exclusive definitions...

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