• i think will and elizabeth are a good couple,jacks a cooky guy.
  • Well, I, to be honest, thought that they would end up together. I am still wondering if they will. I do think they should, even with their age difference in the movies. I think Elizabeth would have been a great match for him.
  • NO CONTEST. Disney copped out on the correct ending. Even Bruckheimer wanted it to end the other way, and original drafts of one of the earlier scripts had scenes between Elizabeth & Jack discussing future children they'd have together (which, unfortunately, were cut before they ever made it to the filming). I've never been so disgusted & disturbed by the ending of a movie in my was such a contrived & forced relationship between her & Will. Typical Disney. No way she'd have ended up with Will if this had been an actual relationship in the real world--there's no chemistry between them at all. Then you look at Elizabeth & Jack, and--I mean, good God--there's no QUESTION about the heat between those two. Plus, they're so alike that they actually complete each other and have a chemistry that's undeniable. Jack gets who & what Elizabeth is in a way that Will is never going to be able to understand. So, to answer the question--JACK & ELIZABETH ALL THE WAY.
  • Jack and Elizabeth, no contest.
  • Hey, maybe they do! Will can only show up once every ten years, right? What's poor, dear Elizabeth going to do in all that time? Sounds like Elizabeth gets to have her cake and eat it too, IMO. ^_~
  • I was waiting for a threesome.

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