• Yes I suppose so!
  • If we all got what we deserved we'd all be dead & burning in hell. So I'd say we deserve it and more.
  • Not always. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and vice versa.
  • no. not directly at least. some pretty bad stuff has happened to me and i can't think of anything i did that would make me deserve that.
  • Yes. Karma is a vile bitch, but bad choices/actions bring forth bad consequences, outstanding accounts must eventually be settled, and past mistakes do cast long shadows. That said, a person is not entirely at the whim of his fate, which is not just dependent on the choices/actions made long ago, but also on those you make today, and will make tomorrow. Physical existence is like an unending river with intermittent whitewater rapids. Your fate is like a small raft, with your spirit manning the oars. Some lives you have no skill with the oars, and karma is in full control. Some lives you have some skill with the oars, and can avoid most of the hazards meant for you. Some lives you have consummate skill with the oars, jeer at every pitfall Karma can devise, and die of old age!
  • No. No child deserves to be molested. But I also do not deserve the plethora of blessings that have been poured out upon me in my lifetime either! I've had plenty of happenings I didn't deserve on both sides.
  • To answer, let's look at the "flip side". What does anyone DESERVE? Nothing. Not even existence. Existence itself is already an undeserved "gift". From a "look at the big picture" point of view, everything that is good in your existence is undeserved, and everything that is unpleasant in your existence is undeserved, because your existence itself is undeserved.

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