• When daycare kids show up for field trips at the studio. They are SO cute!
  • AB, lunch and the drive home. :) Oh, and I forgot PAYDAY!
  • When they let you go home a little early before a long weekend or holiday...
  • I am 18 okay, so it is just a summer job at Dunkin Donuts I am talking about lol!! Cleaning the bathroom: I am alone, it is a break from dealing with people (When I am in a bad mood, I hate dealing with customers) and I love the smell of cleaner so yeah lol and it is a break from the smell of sugar and coffee. When my boss gives me great hours: I look at the schedule and skip with glee and the rest of the day is set. When something out of the ordinary happens: An interesting customer, someone at work does something funny or says something funny Interesting conversations, getting along with my boss, an interesting customer, breaks, free coffee, doing dishes, impressing my boss, being hit or having something thrown at me by my boss, walking into the fridge and the awesome smell (i swear, it smells awesome!!!). all of these some seemingly weird things are awesome to me. They add spice and PIZZAZ to the day, even if they don't seem good, they are because they are memorable and different.
  • watering my plants is about the best part.
  • When you find out your place of work will be shut down for repairs and improvement for two weeks and it's with pay

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