• It would be overly simplistic to say that it is *just* such a reaction, because the chemicals are produced by the brain itself. If you see something scary, it is the brain which judges that it is scary. The brain may then trigger the production of adrenalin, which primes the body to "fight or fly". But the adrenalin itself changes the way the brain works, which in turn changes the chemicals it produces and so on. You cannot isolate one component and say that is responsible for the whole effect. It would be like blaming the engine for all car crashes. Certainly, cars without engines have very few crashes, but drivers, gears, wheels, brakes are all involved in the events leading to a crash.
  • What we think/interpret about an event outside our bodies...having travelled to our brian via our senses...governes how we feel. The electrical 'message' about that event travels to our 'feeling' centre (amygdala)from our thinking centre (frontal lobe)along neurons using neurotransmitters (brain chemicals)....a happy interpretation evokes a happy feeling....a danger perception of the event evokes a feeling of fear. behaviour via chemicals
  • There are a lot of factors at work, neurons, receptors, fluids. But dumbing it down, yeah.
  • 2-10-2017 One side says humans are only machines. The bible says we are gods. You get to decide which one to believe.

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