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  • I don't know. They said they were going to do it for a very long time, and after 30 or plus years , he finally did. I guess talking about doing it would be a sign.
  • There weren't any. She was one of the funniest, happiest appearing people I knew. She didn't leave a note. She didn't tell anyone that she was going to do it. She didn't even let on that anything was bothering her.
  • a cousin I had never showed any signs. As far as anyone knew he was happy with life.
  • About a year ago I tried to kill my self by swallowing about 100 anti-depressants. I remember just feeling worthless all the time and not caring about anything. If someone said anything offending to me I would just run to the bathroom and cry. I stopped doing my school work, and my chores. I just felt like I had nothing to live for. I hope this helps.
  • He said he was going to do it for years. He tried one other time and then we found out he told his sister the exact date he would do it this time. His brothers birthday. He had had problems with his brother and mother in the last year and new he already wanted to do it so I guess he figured that would be a good day. She did not tell us until after he died. He would not go to counceling, no matter what we tried.
  • I attempted suicide with Geodon and Trazadone once in the past when I was in a manic/psychotic/depressive state. IVE NEVER DONE DRUGS OR HAVE A DRINKING PROBLEM SO STOP BEING PREJUDICE. I was born with Bi-Polar Disorder w/ Psychotic Features and it's a bi**h. I just vomitted and they made me swallow tubes of liquid'fied charcoal to prevent more damage. My poop came out solid black. I believe many of us should have the right to do it properly at a doctor's visit. Life isn't honkey dorry for those suffering from an -->"incurable, disabilitating, physical"<-- brain disorder. In Switzerland, those with these brain disorders are finally allowed self-deliverance thru assisted-suicide. Just make sure you handle your business at home properly. Don't waste your time with life insurance since suicides aren't covered unless you've had it for 2 years. If you're willing to wait then go for it. Funeral arrangements are costly. Choose wisely, have a close understanding friend or family member help you, and have a copy of the book or dvd Final Exit next to you when you do it if it's done in the U.S so your friend and/or family won't be prosicuted. You can get the DVD or Book Online. The book (best seller) Final Exit has more details and examples for self-deliverance. People need to stop calling these mental disorders as if it's an invisible, snap out of it, spiritual, soul-like, aura issue floating inside our head and start recognizing them as physical incurable brain disorders. They think is just a regular case of the blues. You have all the right to take your own life. If your dog was suffering we would be compassionate humans and ease their suffering by putting it to sleep in a proper humane manner at a vet without pain. Humans deserve the same treament. PRO-CHOICE!!! So until there's a permanent cure & not treaments that don't work, we should have the option for self-deliverance. Go to the Final Exit website and do more research thru them as a start.
  • My daughter died by suicide. There were no clues, none- notta- zero. Nothing in her daily journals. Nothing in her on-line journals. Day prior, went to school, did her homework, visited her grandmother, bought groceries and fuel for her car. she had given me cards saying how her life was better, happier and healthier than ever. It was 100% shock to EVERYONE- nobody saw it coming- even her psychiatrist- who she saw 4 days before. Suicide, I believe, is often impulsive.
  • Apathy was my only sign to an observer. I also couldn't sleep right; I would wake up randomly throughout the night and be unable to fall asleep.
  • My late husband told me something big was coming up. Other than that he said nothing. I dunno if there is actual signs that people show before they take their own life. He thought he had cancer and was upset about that but he didn't, he was completely healthy.
  • My friend Nick was the nicest, happiest person that I had ever met. He had lots of friends and people that cared about him. He hung himself in his cabin last year. Sometimes there are no signs.
  • depression or giving away favorite items to people, also talking about life in temporary terms
  • I attempted to suicide when I was 15/16 (I am not sure which that stage of my life is a bit of a blur). At the time nobody saw it coming. I was self-harming but they just put it down to attention seeking. You know what, in a way I was. It was a cry for help because nobody could see the pain I was in. Other than that, I don't think there were many signs. I was a teenager and sometimes it is hard to tell between regular teenage problems, and the acute depression which I had. It wasn't something I had planned, thats why. I was incredibly depressed but I didn't plan to kill myself. It just got too much one night and I flipped. Thats why often, it is so hard to see any signs of potential suicide.
  • It's kind of difficult to say. Everyone has different ways of acting. Sometimes there are no signs at all. I would say any change in activities, depression, drug usage, home life, the way they talk about things, etc. Just look for distinctive actions or anything different you may notice and pick up on. If you know someone that you suspect is contemplating such an act, just let them know you're there for them and although they may be going through a tough time, things tend to always look up, regardless and things always have a way or working out and falling into place naturally. Patience is the key to everything.
  • My brother stopped answering my phone calls for a month and a half, which was wierd. But he still talked to my Mom. He called her in the middle of the night like a week and a half before. He txted her asking her about her pilgrimage to the holy land, although he was not that religious. He got everyone's address. He used a friend's computer and deleted the history. A couple weeks before he posted on the internet that the nightmare had ended and that he could see the light at the end of the tunnel, although his life was getting better kinda. He started saying sorry for no reason to his friends and co workers. He started using the word blessed and things like that. Other than that he was loved and appreciated and everyone loved him. I would have given him whatever he wanted. But he would never take a lot at any one time. Only small amounts. I really wanted to just send him money but he would not take it. Sometimes the best advice is to just cherish your loved ones to the fullest.
  • I only know one person who succeeding in committing suicide, and the biggest clue was that he had tried a couple of times before.
  • i should have seen the signs. my best friend (i also dated him for a year when i was 15) since i was 6 years old shot himself just after his 24th birthday. he was living abroad and i had been on the phone to him the day before. he seemed a bit depressed due to his divorce but he seemed happy to be coming back home. i should have seen it though, like i asked him when he was coming home and he said Really soon. and when I asked him how long he would be staying for he said I think I'll be staying for a really long time. and even worse, when I asked him where he wanted to go first when he got back, he said "I'll have to go to the graveyard first." the reason i didnt see it with the graveyard comment is that out other friend died when he was 12, so it was traditional for us to visit his grave togther. i miss him so much it is unreal. i got a call after college from his brother to say that he had killed himself and i started screaming and smashing up the cafe I was in. i got dragged to the guarda station for public disturbance but because i m 17, nothing came of it really. we can't see the signs all the time. but i should have, i should ve seen what was make it worse...he said that when he came home he wanted to try again with me. instead he is buried beside our other friend. i am the only one that is left now.

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