• Actually, you can. From my understanding an engagement ring something that you can get back because it was taken with the expectation of marriage. If the promise to marry dissolves, I believe you can get the ring back and get a full refund.
  • If you left her because she was wicked and unfaithful I suppose it couldn't hurt to ask. If you are a fickle pickle and you just changed your mind, let her keep the ring, it's the least you could do for making her look like a jerk to all her friends and family. Was this to be a "girl-girl" marriage? I never heard of the name Kayla for a male.
  • If YOU left HER- I would not think that you should be able to get it back. YOU gave it to HER and YOU ended up leaving her. Therefore she had no choice in the matter. If the situation were reversed- I would say she should give it back since the expectation of marriage was disolved on her part...I would in that instance, advise that you pursue it in court (depending on the cost of the ring). But since you left her...sorry for you! I don't think you should get anything back.
  • I guess it depends on which of you is the creep in the thing? If she's a great gal and you just decided you needed to be able to keep sleeping around, probably not. If she's in on this calling it off thing and/or is the one who doesn't want to stick to you, unless she's supremely selfish, she'll probably give it back. Your best bet is to ask her.
  • Yes. You can get the ring back regardless of who broke off the engagement. An engagement ring is looked upon as a conditional gift that is given in contemplation of marriage. If there is no marriage, then the engagement ring needs to be returned. Some of the circumstances that determine if an engagement ring has to be returned include where you live, how the ring was given (i.e. birthday or Christmas gift), and who broke the engagement.
  • Yes, and give her an itemized statement demanding reimbursement for all of those “costly” dinners that you took her on too! Lol, Stop being cheap, unless she cheated on her, let her keep the ring ( if she even wants it) and move on man.
  • It would show some class on her part for her to offer to return it, depending upon the circumstances of course. Unless it was very recently given, or extraordinary circumstances are present, it would show some class on your part to suck it up...
  • The legal answer to this will vary from state to state (assuming you're in the states). However, traditional ettiquette would dictate that she gets to keep the ring becasue you are the one who called off the engagement. While a ring as a gift in expectation of marriage, it's not a contract. You made the investment, emotionally and financially. If, for whatever reasons, you decided you no longer wanted part in it, you leave the investment behind. I believe it's also the gentlemanly thing to do.
  • It depends upon which state you live in. Legally, it depends upon if the state views the ring to be a conditional gift. Montana does not and will side with the person who accepted the ring. There are a few others who see it that way Most western states will side with the person who gave the ring and they get the ring back.
  • maybe if you ask her for it

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