• Aches, pains, diseases, diets..who knows.
  • I don't. I hated it so I stopped taking my Prozac even though I "needed" it.
  • Because we made a for-profit drug industry. They have made it their mission to find every reason possible for people to take one of their pills every day. Allergies, sadness, cholesterol, stomach aches, anxiety, you name it. They don't want treatment - forget cures - they want you coming back for more.
  • They got addicted.
  • They have a pill for every ache or name it there is a pill for it.. I stopped taking all of them :)
  • Here is the latest news flash.....doctors and lawyers run the country. we understand why lawyers do what they do, but the nations doctors are ready and willing to write prescriptions for any and everything. the pharmaceutical companies are pushing the doctors and the doctors are pushing the pills. who profits? the pharmaceutical companies and the doctors. you would be amazed at the bonuses that doctors receive from the pill makers. Some people legitimately require pills for diseases and such. there is no problem there. but, doctors are more than willing to dispense pills at a patients whim. anything to herd you out of their office as soon as possible. Over medicating? sure. people overdose everyday, simply because the pills are handy. some make it, some die. I have answered calls where people have overdosed and an ambulance takes them away. leaving behind are hundreds of pills on tables, on beds, everywhere. why would a doctor prescribe 100 Soma to a woman going through menopause? one woman took them all at once. she did not make it. If pills are made available, people are going to take them. for a psychotic person, this is an easy way out of life, forever.
  • for this reason...
  • The TV tells us to
  • I wonder how people manage to FIND so many pills!
  • It's a dysfunctional relationship between doctors and drug companies. The drug companies want money. The only way they get it is to push doctors to prescribe drugs (some people need, others they don't). Most times, doctors (particularly psychiatrists) prescribe drugs people don't need. Especially when they medicate children.
  • same reason why people need caffeine in the morning
  • There are pros and cons to your question. There is no doubt that with todays modern medications, people are living longer. The downside is the cost and sometimes needless over-prescribing of certain medications. doctors are constantly being invaded by pharmacutical reps. that push, push, push the doctors to prescribe their medication. Nashville is the top city in the nation for doctors prescriptions. Its probably because of the many hospitals located here and the location of many doctors from throughout the world.
  • theyre probably addicted to them

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