• What version of Word? You may be able to suppress numbers in the ToC setup and apply letters to your section names.
  • When I was younger and applied for jobs, I would be asked if I was planning to have more children!!! I've also been asked my religion, my age, etc. It's ridiculous what some employers think they can ask job applicants.
  • If I have I am unaware of it. Whatever I may have achieved has come through my being a "good fit" for the job or working hard for the grades...whatever eluded me was due to my not having "the right stuff". :)
  • Yeah, in middle school and high school. I'm catholic and went to school where 90+ % of the students were Jewish. I was always reminded that I was not one of them and even had parents forbid me to hang out with their kids. I was even called a Nazi many times. Oh well, prepared me for later in life when I married my Jewish girlfriend! :)

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