• Ooh, yeah, the Coens! I was just riding a shuttle to the LA airport a few days ago, and the middle-eastern driver turned on the radio... the first song was by The Eagles. I had to laugh as it reminded me of The Big Lebowski where The Dude (Jeff Bridges) asked his black cabbie to turn off the Eagles, and the cabbie dragged him out of the cab and left him there. Also Fargo was great, Miller's Crossing... what else?
  • The Nolan Brothers very up and coming and they make a great team. Memento, The Prestige, Batman Begins, Dark Knight.... great stuff keep your eye on the two of them
  • The Wachowski brothers have made a couple of good ones, including the Matrix trilogy and the racy drama Bound. They've also made a few duds, namely Speed Racer.
  • Marx Brothers

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