• Reading a book. Or writing one.
  • Reading, taking a walk, swimming in the pond, playing with the dog, riding a horse, sewing, quilting, gardening, making things out of logs and twigs, picking berries and then baking something wonderful.
  • Reading, taking a walk, calling someone on the phone, or filling out a Birthday Card.
  • Juggling - find three similar shaped objects and have at it!
  • Story of my life, Alone, with no money! Here's what I do, my friend... (besides the obvious) -Listen to music and draw what you hear - Walk to the library or drive there (it's a fun place, I am not being facecious) - Listen to books on disk or casette (ahhah casette) - stretch - Catch up on some z's - Dance to Rap music - Ride your bike naked - Go for a walk with a camera - Wax the ceiling - Rearrange political campaign signs - Sharpen your teeth - Play Houdini with one of your siblings - Braid your dog's hair - Clean and polish your belly button - Water your dog...see if he grows - Give your cat a mohawk - Mow your carpet - Play Pat Boone records backwards - Vacuum your lawn - Boil ice cream
  • Uh....ya got me there. Oh wait, I can plan my next Doom WAD. That's what I usually do if I am not able to actually make it on the computer.
  • Play my music and beat on my drums , play with my puppy and kitty
  • Dream, dream, dream.....
  • meditate exercise practice martial arts read & study some subjects of interest walk, jog, bike ride (if you have one) ... if you are so inclined, you can PLAY with yourself ... "solitaire"
  • sudoku crossword puzzles from sunday paper exercise cooking or baking matching your socks rearranging your spices in alphabetical order watch an old movie paint draw try an figure out what happened to Amelia Earhart
  • reading, listening to music, talking with my fam or friends face to face.

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