• Luckily all that fighting didn't last very long- but I was worried it would go on forever. My grandmother laid everything out in her will, so there wasn't much to dispute about.
  • When someone dies this usually happens...when my bio dad died they were like vultures preying on their kill....i had to meet my irish family for the first time and they were all saying..'donny said i could have that..' and in the end i let them have what they wanted to keep the peace, it was all material stuff that i couldn't take back with me...and thought if my dad could see his family now i know he would of been proud of how i handled it....its so sad when this happens when especially you should all be pulling together, but greed rears its ugly head again!
  • I wonder. my wifes family had a couple scraps when her grandmother died. Id like to think my brother is cool about that, but I guess we'll see...
  • when my mom thought she was going to pass away years ago, she started sorting thru pictures and putting colored stickers on everything - this way we wont be arguing - there are 4 of us and we dont live near her - shes better now and when we visit, we see what we will be getting and what we wont get
  • We aren't fighting about anything. I think we value our relationships more than any of the "things" that loved ones have left behind.
  • my family is fighting over a pearl necklace of my grandmothers. MY mother said the oldest granddaughter gets it and im the oldest. The other side is saying the youngest should get it. She died in 2002, bless her soul. Still going on with this debate.
  • OMG! It seems to be universal, this "feeding frenzy" behavior, that suddenly comes over family members, when someone dies!! I have heard of this from so many people. It is just sick, how the certain members rush in from everywhere, to grab all they can, before someone else does. It sure is a sick part of human nature.

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