• Never heard them so described.
  • No they are just British. We do not use ethnicities
  • Why is there such a stink in the US to call Black people African Americans? Why not just Black (like whites are called whites) or just American?
  • When was the last time you used "african american"? The term is not only stupid, but incorrect.
  • The only African-American that I know is my niece, born in Durban of my Alabama-born sister of Welsh-Austrian descent and her husband, an Englishman. She's blond and fair complected and yet, truly an African American. She's currently living in London. I call her "niece". Black people are Negroes, nothing personal, just a scientific classification. Some brown people are, too.
  • No, we call them English, Scottish, Welsh or British. Apparently a dustbin man is now called a refuse disposal operative, though.
  • Unfortunately too many Black peolpe in Britain are not politicised the way Afro-Americans are. The history is different as is the culture. Black people represent about 3% of the population, bi-racials and multi-ethnic blacks included. A firm identity has not been estblished primarily because the countries of our ancestors and parents were/are former British colonies: education, culture, are reflective of that history. There is yet to be a real Black movement from this side of the globe. Blacks over here are so divided.We have learned classisms. As you may know the British do not even like the Scots, Welsh or Irish so you can imagine the response to Blacks. Blacks here are a unique breed. They have taken on the thoughts of Europeans and act it out against those who may look like them. They are, in my opinion, fighting for acceptance from people that historically have never wanted us here or for that matter in our our own colonized lands In fact 2 out of 5 Black males have white partners.(fact) I am British by birth, lived in Boston 28 years and have been deported for a crime committed 20 years ago. I am not an authority on Black British culture but I do notice the uniqueness of thought and actions by my anglocised brothers and sisters.
  • All of you are are talking bull, and are obviously white apart from Damien, Blacks over here call themselves black british or african carribean such as myself even though I was born in Britain.
  • NO, no one EVER says African British or African-French. If you live here, you are generally just British. If you entered your ethnicity on an official form, you would be Black British or you could be Black-Cabribbean. You might, just might, be African(Afro)-Caribbean. I don't get the whole 'African' thing unless you were actually born in Africa. Most so called 'African-Americans' were born in the US and their ancestors have been there for many generations. They probably have a considerably mixed ancestry, not just African. Black people in Britain tend to either be of Caribbean descent, so of African descent by a roundabout route, or are immigrants from African countries. We have a lot of Nigerians, Somalis etc in the town where I live. Anyone who is second generation or more tends to have parents who came here from Jamaica etc after WWII. I am assuming the reason we don't say African-British or African-French is because, without such a large black community with a loud voice who feel a need to reclaim their African ancestry after the history of slavery, this is not such an issue in Britain. Black people in this country are far more likely to identify culturally and in terms of ancestry with the Caribbean than with Africa. My boyfriend's best friend is a successful multi-millionaire businessman whose parents came here from Jamaica in the 1950s, but he is still proud enough to want a Jamaican passport. He feels no connection to Africa. Black communities in Europe are usually based on old colonial ties. So the British black community tends to be Caribbean while a lot of black people in France are from the Cote D'Ivoire or other African colonies eg Algeria. It is possible that black French of direct African descent may therefore identify themselves as African-French but in the UK this is rare. It will probably become more common as the children of the current generation of settlers from African countries grows up, but currently our adult population of British-born black people is overwhelmingly Caribbean and, from the ones I know, proud of it.
  • As far as I know, the United States is the only country where it's citizens are classified by race. they don't do it in Canada, England, Australia, France, and other countries that have a diverse ethnic population. Makes you think, Why?
  • No, they are British
  • Just to clear things up - 'Britain' includes Scotland, Endland, Ireland and Wales, not just England. Black people in Britain (or England, or Scotland or Ireland or Wales) are called 'British'. To break it down by country...... Black people born in England are called English or British Black people born in Scotland are called Scottish or British Black people born in Wales are called Welsh or British Black people born in Ireland are called Irish or British
  • What's in a NAME, anyhoo? Would a pile of SH*T still stink--no matter WHAT it's called???

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