• depends on the person, everyone is different
  • Probably not coz of the stigma attached to being mentally ill.
    • DS Kim
      I agree with you! [URL=][/URL]
    • Linda Joy
      Screw what 'they' think! I'm the one that has to live with it! 'They' have every ability to learn about it as 'they' do to play games online or waste time here for that matter! They could just as easily be learning about mental illness and how to help those who have it. And the stigma is a problem for those who choose to accept it. The reality is what you are choosing to do to help yourself heal. Its not about them. Them is their problem. I have enough to do to heal me and help others!
  • Sure! They told me my son was mentally ill (with ADD) when he was in second grade. The same consult that they told me he was being put in the gifted program. I was told he was entitled to SS disability back then, but I didn't want him labeled or limited. I knew he was capable of great things, and I didn't want HIM to believe he was limited. Oh well you said most. I accepted I was mentally ill before I became disabled. My son never saw himself as disabled. He started working with his dad as a tween, got a job legally as soon as he was old enough and has always worked, as far as I know. He drives a truck now, even though he went to college to be an accountant. I'm glad he's happy! They're coming to visit tomorrow.
  • Once diagnosed the diagnosis sticks and can never be shed, no matter how often the evidence is that people grow out of mental illness things all the time. That, and the industry itself says that. The norm for mental health industry has only been completed to 1/3, where 2/3 more realistic things need apply.
    • Linda Joy
      It is difficult to convince the mental health industry that you are no longer sick. And I've gone in telling them I was overmedicated and they only gave me more medication! I don't think they ever removed my diagnosis, but I'm no longer on all those meds.
    • wiseacre
      What you've experienced happened to me as well. Thanks for chatting.

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