• A prisoner of War, no doubt. name- unknown.
  • In the UK, John Straffen. 50 years. Convicted for the murder of 2 girls. He may have been wrongly convivted. 46 years for Rudolph Hess including pre trail custody for his role in the Nazis. He hanged himself in 1987. 50 years for an inmate in Kentucky so far. Dave Embry was convicted of murder. Who has a chance of breaking the records? Gabriel March Grandos of Spain , sentenced to 384,912 years for over 47,000 instances of fraud in 1972. He was a mailman that didn't deliver. Maybe it'll be Dudley Wayne Kyzer in Alabama, 10,000 years for murder in 1981.
  • Chicago area alleged serial killer William Heirens began his sentence in the Illinois Department of Corrections on Sept. 4, 1946. He is currently incarcerated at the Dixon Correctional Center, Dixon, IL. He is now 79 years old, and has been a guest of the state for 61 years. He may very well be the longest continuously-held prisoner in the world.
  • Paul Geidel, a 17 year old former bellboy of The Iroquois New York, murdered elderly broker William Henry Jackson in 1911 and was sent to prison until 1980
  • Richard Honeck Sent to prison at 19 in Illinois for murder in 1899 and paroled at 85.
  • James Willis. YOB 1918 02/25/1978 ACTIVE (As of dec-19-2007: 29 years) 10/20/1936 04/26/1972 (35 years 6 months) So far 64 years 6 months. Serving life sentence in Georgia, USA.
  • Jouanna Thiec Imprisoned at the age of 16, in 1685. Released at 89, in 1758. Her crime: being a Calvinist in France after Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes. Her entire imprisonment was spent in a single stone cell, 18'x40', originally shared with over 30 other women, all of whom died there.
  • A notorious child-killer who was Britain's longest-serving prisoner has died in custody after more than 55 years in jail. The Ministry of Justice said 77-year-old John Straffen died in the healthcare unit at Frankland Prison in County Durham this morning following an illness.
  • a prisoner of LOVE!!
  • The Devil. He deceived the whole world. He went to prison forever and ever.
  • hey how about for a woman.check Lucille smith and Brenda Spencer they both are in prison. for thirty five years in the stated of Arkansas. they supposed serve 15 years to life in prison. and now the stated of Arkansas stated they lost the original paperwork. so they got life by the Arkansas department of correction not by a judge

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