• Sex scene!
  • It is the typical get introduced to the charactures ,find out their problems and frailties.Then a series of events that include humor,exitement,and the meeting of someone,or a reunion with old freinds.Everything is going fine until there is a tragety or a problem. This is where the chase scenes,court scenes,and action scenes come in.At the end there is a solution and things usually come out peachy.The tragity usually happens around 1/3 to 1/2 way into the movie and the solution about 15-20 minutes in the end.
  • One typical scene that comes to my mind is the "kitchen scene": family/couple in kitchen about to have breakefast/dinner or in the midst of cooking it, happy, cozy atomosphere, phone rings, lead actor or actor's spouse answers laughing, and the phone call either brings tragic news or is really scary. How many times have we seen that particular scene in a movei?
  • Hero saying"Trust me".

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