• Anything like that at my age I regard as gossip and ignore, but if it was from someone I trust of course I'd believe him.
  • Well a guy has not ever told me this, but if he did I could see it being possible.
  • I don't know,because females being rape by males is a lot more common.And a man telling me he was raped is pretty uncommon,but I don't know if I would believe him.
  • If there are cuts and bruises all over his body, then that is a defenite. However, it seems like society would favor more of the women.
  • Sure, it depends upon the kind of man he was and the type of woman that forced herself on him. I forceful lust laden women could take advantage of a very drunken happily married man.
  • If a man is going to admit being raped, of course you have to believe him. It's hard enough for a guy to admit he was raped, but by a woman... Sure, she could slip a horse tranquilzer in his beer and then perform all sorts of unwanted sexual acts upon him. I am sure this happens more times than we would care to think about.
  • All I can say is that I didn't believe me ex when he told me he was raped by a blonde in a hot tub. I still don't believe him, and I wouldn't believe my b/f now if he were to tell me the same story.
  • It would have to involve a date rape drug or something or the man would have to be far weaker than the woman. That just isn't something to easily believe.
  • A man has told me this. Yes, I did believe him. Why do we assume men cannot be raped? The penis will respond when stimulated. That doesn't mean the man is willing.
  • Depends on the man. Probably not. My husband said if you had adreniline to fight back and you weren't thinking sexually then your shit wouldn't get hard. Maybe he regreted it and claimed rape. Difficult question.
  • I was raped by this super model once, do you beleive me?
  • If I trusted him..yes I would believe him.
  • Yes I would believe it...I don't know any reason why they would lie about it. What would they have to gain?
  • When a man is raped, he most likely has anal injuries, if he can comfortably sit, he hasn't been raped.
  • Yes - if you acknowledge that there is such thing as rape of the soul, and heart.....
  • yeah course, men can get raped too its not just women.
  • Is there a reason I shouldn't believe him? Why would anyone lie about that, anyways? Pity-sex? I'm not so sure that's what a man would want right after confessing about being raped. I know, as a woman, after confessing to being raped I have absolutely no sexual desire. In any case, I would believe him, yes.
  • i would not believe a man if he told me he was raped by a woman.. if he got aroused enough to become hard enough for sex then i would say he wanted to do it. i do believe that they could be drugged by some crazed brawd however.but in rare cases only would i believe this
  • Yes. Some women can acquire a sort of a mental stimulation by way of penetrating a man with an object or tool such as a vibrator, dildo, or even the handle of a screw driver. This can occur if the victim is either intoxicated or unconscious. If so inclined, a woman can also acquire sexual stimulation by performing the act of cunnilingus on a man's mouth while either overly intoxicated or unconscious.
  • I let my gf dominate me it. thats not really rape thoguh she sufficates me with her boobs but its all hot!
  • i was kidnaped an raped by two women,i was seventeen they had a gun an a knife they kelpt me several months the reason i was with them that long i started to like it ! i was there toy i did'nt have to do anything they showered me feed me an bread me !
  • i might but it depends who it is and how well i know the man.. but a man can be turned on very often.. and will consent.
  • Yes, just because it's a man, doesn't mean he can't be raped. Women can also use date rape drugs, use physical and/or mental abuse to dominate the situation of things to rape a man.
  • yes but i would probably ask if she was hot. and if she was than what is he complainging about. unless hes very moral. than. yes. but i would believe him neway
  • No way this happened. He be a lie to cover up the fact that he was unfaithful. Now he is trying to make some points with you that he is so desirable and wants you to pity him. Best thing to do is toss him on the ground and rape that sucker!
  • Rape is about power and not about lust or sexual desire. The victim is not important to the rapist,this is why there is physical violence associated. The rapist is usually undergoing deep feelings of inferiority,power loss either socially or financially,link all that with family relationships and you have a potential rapist.Men do it in groups like a ritual,women will be pushed to raping a man again du to loss of social or self esteem,her urges with overflow and she'll need to find a victim.But most women dress up,look terribly sexy,pick their victim,seduce him with soft eyes and giggling,then fuck his brains out.But we call that seductive power,usually the man falls inlove and marries the rapist and they have kids and a happy life forever after.Men do the same and get put in jail.

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