• Because we have our own terms for things. For example, everyone knows that they are called potato chips and not "crisps"! :)
  • It's curious because bangs were originally the long pieces of hair that could not be tied back into a pony tail...hence they went "bang" around the face as you walked.
  • because they are stupip they talk cowboy inglish as we english speak english
  • are you british bye any chance??? :)
  • Heehee... you remind of the British literary character from the 1800s (?), sorry, forget who wrote it, who wondered why the French called a fish a "poisson" instead of what it WAS, a FISH! (I had no idea the British called bangs a fringe.)
  • The same reason Brits call sausages Bangers.
  • i don't know the historical reason, but i call them that because everyone else i know calls them that. why do brits call apartments flats? wouldn't it make more sense to call a pancake flat? :P
  • Good question! I didn't know the answer, so I looked it up on The North American term bangs, which is often used in reference to a young lady's hairstyle, almost certainly originated with the practice of cutting horses' tails straight across, a style known to this day as a "bang-tail."
  • you merycans say lots of thigs wrong like basil you say it as bay zil i have a nickname bas or baz what would you say baze. like you say gas for gasoline you dont say gayzoline .origano oregano but no to you its whore egg i nore without the i. jalepino say the jay yes the mexes call the jaguar hagwar but it is a j i dont call my wife owan its jo anne with a jay yes a j like tits not tidz dentist not dennist say the t forty not fordey
  • "Bangs," the hair style, does indeed come from the same roots as "bang," the sound of a gun, a slamming door, or countless other abrupt noises. The word "bang" first appeared in written English in the 16th century, but is thought to have been known in the dialects of Northern England long before that date. "Bang" comes from an Old Norse word "banga" meaning "to hammer," and is a linguistic relic of the Viking invasions of England beginning in the eighth century. "Bang" at first meant "to strike violently," but gradually the word came to be used for any sudden or violent movement, especially one which caused a loud noise. One of the earliest written examples of this expanded sense of "bang" refers to slamming a door, an apparently universal human action which may yet prove to be as great an instrument of self- expression as the typewriter. Aside from doors, nearly anything could go "bang," from guns to pianos, and "bang" also came to mean fight or beat up. "Bang" continued to evolve, and by the 19th century was used to convey suddenness or finality, which brings us at last from Old Norse hammers to modern haircuts. "Bangs" are so-called because they are created by cutting the hair "bang- off," abruptly and straight across the forehead. And finally, at the risk of offending our bang-coiffed readers, I must tell you that "bangs" as a young lady's hairstyle almost certainly originated with the practice of cutting horses' tails straight across, a style known to this day as a "bang-tail."
  • Americans aren't stupid. They are getting that way by letting all the stupid foreigners in. Everything that is good today and we use all over the world is because of the Americans. Think about it. I know you like COCA COLA. I know you like driving in your AUTOMOBILE. I know you like have your ELECTRICITY for your STOVE and TELEPHONE. I know you like eating PIZZA. I bet you like TELEVISION. I bet you like RADIO. I bet you like TV DINNERS. I bet you like your COMPUTER that you get on the INTERNET with. And I know you enjoy your FREEDOM if you are blessed to live in a country that is FREE. I know you like eating your HERSEY candy bars. Eating at MCDONALDS. Man come on and get real. If it weren't for America this world would be a slum being run by a few rich dictators. And America has blessed the world with all these things and more because it was founded as a Christian nation under the one true GOD Jehovah. GOD has blessed America and through that blessed the world. We had all better start recognizing and giving thanks before the blessings are taken away. GOD bless America.
  • Costs too much to import UK terminology.
  • why do we not bridge the gap and combine our words lets call it something new like frangs. Back to the question at hand is why we call the hair cut straight across the forehead bangs and not the word you use fringe. One reason is we call the fray threads from cut fabric fringe.
  • Why not?
  • Probably because they ARE bangs. What's a fringe besides benefits?
  • Same reason why we call a gherkin a pickle and a tank top a sweater vest. It is and will be, a never ending battle. I've lived in both places (UK and USA) and neither side ever wins. Just let it be. :)
  • The question didn't aske who was wrong or right, The English defenition of fringe edging consisting of hanging threads or tassels bang a fRINGE of banged hair (cut short squarely across the forehead) hope this answers the question rather than slagging everyone off
  • Well, when you make a mistake, don't you bang your forehead with the heel of your hand? A lot of people do.
  • Things America Did Not Invent, But Thinks It Did * Food — Many Americans are under the impression that until America came along, the world was hungry, and that America invented food, such as the previously mentioned apple pie (stolen from England), hot dogs (stolen from a German guy), Kumara (they stole it from New Zealand and called it sweet potatoes), hamburgers, pizza, bacon, and broccoli (thank God, it wasn't us). Did I mention apple pie? * Technology — radio,Telephones, TV, nuclear reactor, tanks, helicopters, cars, huge cars, submarines, skyscrapers (see the Eiffel Tower), light bulbs, World Wide Web, and the computer, . Not even the plane, it turns out. Oh dear. * Television - The Office. True, the British had it first, but no one can deny that the American version is funnier (provided you have no sense of humour, which incidentally was invented in England, the Americans just butchered the 'u' in the spelling). * Legal — capitalism, democracy, the Constitution, lame politicians (stolen from Britain), liberals, conservatives, the Declaration of Independence, America. * Air — As full of themselves as many non-Americans view Americans as being, it's still always surprising when one comes across Americans who believe America invented air. Air, as we all know, was actually invented in Britain during the Scientific Revolution. * "Fixed-wing aircraft" — All the Wright brothers did was put a kite together and wave mechanical wings using rusted bicycle parts, going from someone's roof to the ground (something man has been able to do since the Dark Ages). The true inventor is some Brazilian guy you've never heard of. * Silicone boobs—Those wicked Japanese people! But it's not their fault. It's the only way those poor flat girls can get boobs. * Other — It is commonly believed in the US that America invented the wheel and fire. * America — Christopher Columbus, A Spaniard working for the English (actually he was Italian working for Spain) found America, and it belonged to the English until the yanks decided to take it by force, causing the civil war of America. To this day, any smart Americans hate the rest of the population for the vast deficit of life the USA now have, and no real history that isn't English. THE INDIANS The NATIVE AMERICANS. To its credit, America has yet to invent a disease (except perhaps obesity). We have Africa and Asia to blame for that. Syphilis can be blamed on a hot Latina chick Christopher Columbus picked up in Puerto Rico, but that's not really America. Things America Really Did Invent God bless Peru, who hath given the world the potato! God bless Peru, who hath given the world the potato! * Crap Food — fast food, corn flakes, spam (the "meat"), chow. (Aren't you glad?) * Toilet roll — no argument here. * American football — They basically took rugby and added shoulder pads (because they're so delicate), confusing number sequences, and jockstraps. Named after REAL football which, in turn, they like to call 'soccer'. * Jazz — Yes, America is home to both the fundamental sound of jazz. Shame. * Mormonism — And oh, thank God they haven't shared with the rest of the world (yet they keep trying). Also Scientology. (Apparently, whenever Americans do invent something wholly original, it's always some nut job religion.) * Other stuff — Not necessarily an invention, but America did reintroduce the concept of actually losing wars instead of being 'pussies' (smart) and running away/keeling over at the first sign of enemy gunfire. [edit] Things America Really Did Invent, and Should Be Ashamed Of * More Crap Food — crappy mass-produced chocolate (see Hershey's) and crappy fast-food. * Technology — Hummers and the Terminator. Just you wait. * Other — multi-million dollar political campaigns, $50 million presidential inaugurations, Paris Hilton, Joel Schumacher, and George W. Bush (although most people prefer to believe he (d)evolved) * Text messaging — OMG!1!11 H8TRS STFU LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I LOL'D. This is the basic vocab of American gamerz and what pain they caused the world. * Alvin & the Chipmunks -A failed tribute to 'American supremacy'. * Rap - Where else could you pimp your ho's in the hood? * Government Cheese- See Kraft Cheese * Jar Jar Binks- No explanation needed. Enough said..

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