• Just barely, but I'm soon going to get out of there.
  • I just keep AIM on and hope that someone talks to me, or watch Youtube videos, or go on Answerbag, or text message someone. Ha ha. After those ideas have been expended, though, I do go a little insane.
  • In between each picture I upload, otherwise, I'm just staring at the screen for a few minutes.
  • I used to play with the paper shredder or call people into my office and have really assinine conversations to break up the day..:)
  • I work a 12 1/2 hour day. I get to listen to music about 2 hours of that time, which helps. The crew I work with are really friendly and sociable, so we joke around and talk most of the day.
  • 8 1/2 hours. I record Sirius satellite programming the night before and listen to it the following day on my portable satellite receiver. If I neglect to do that, I whip out the portable am/fm radio and listen to local talk shows. Or I can listen to the tunes on my cell phone. Then there's always cds handy. Either that or listen to the incoherent babbling of my co-workers. I'm not that strong.
  • i try not to get too worked up over stuff

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