• If it is passed on it is passed by example. My friend is a fraidy cat of everything. I was swimming with her daughter (8yrS) in the ocean and we swam through a school of small fish (sardine size.) the little girl was scared out o her bathing suit. I am sure it is imitative of her mother who is scared of everything.
  • It is psychologically based and is not passed down.It is only a coincidence if some family member had the same disorder.A mental disorder is not a gene that is passed from one to another but something that is developed.
  • "like many other anxiety disorders, panic disorder runs in families, meaning that inheritance may play a strong role in determining who becomes affected by it. In fact, panic disorder is often found in combination with other hereditary disorders such as bipolar disorder and alcoholism."
    • Linda Joy
      Oh and it would be passed on through the DNA like anything else hereditary.

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