• It says meal not snack so without a meal
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      The heck with snacks. Meals are far more important than snacks. I can go for weeks without eating the typical junk food snacks, but going without a meal for a day is something to think about. Which is why in this "mobile phone addiction" many people have, the question is crystal clear.
  • I don't mind terribly missing meals for a day...but I really, really don't mind being without a phone. It's actually relaxing to be without a phone.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      In my life: making calls, getting non-stop calls, numerous texts, Gmail messages, social media feedback and etc is stressful, not to mention my workplace, the household chores, looking after an elderly relative and running errands from Monday through Friday. I do love the attention I get, but being human, I rarely use my phone on the weekends. It is when I get to clear my mind and relax as much as I can. So I couldn't agree more with you on how relaxing it is to be without a phone.
  • I could go a day without my phone. I would rather survive the day by eating something so as I am not starved.

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