• Pitbull (aka Armando Perez) is 2" taller, younger, in better physical shape, and more muscular than Bobcat (aka Robert Goldthwait). My money would be on Pitbull, but no fight is ever totally predictable. As for the animals, even though Pitbulls are generally bigger and more muscular, bobcats are more agile, faster, and have more weapons (claws). Also, despite their reputation as killers, the vast majority of pitbulls are tame and not experienced at hunting other animals. I'd hate to have a pet pitbull and see it get into a fight with a bobcat.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Thanks for sharing! Your money is on the pitbull, yet you seem uncertain. Sometimes it is best not to bet. lol
  • It could be either one
  • Bobcat wins. Pitbulls aren't necessarily deadly. Bobcats are. Bobcats are also faster and their claws are sharper. A bobcat would barely have to touch a pitbull before it was dead.😈😇😉
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Yep, thanks for sharing!
  • I'll take the bobcat. It has superior reflexes than a pitbull, which allows it to run and change directions quickly. They use this skill to strike their opponents effectively. Bobcats are known to kill deer: A bobcat attacks 2 pitbulls: Bobcats use their claws and teeth to injure their opponents until they can no longer retaliate. As pitbulls are domesticated animals, they do not have the same fierceness, agility, sharp claws and a bite force of approximately 800 psi.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Answerbaggers: I know, why am I asking a question I have an answer to. LOL Opinions are always welcome. I do answer my own questions if I feel I need to. I respect all answers, even if you think the pitbull would win. So feel free to let everyone know what is your take on this fight.

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