• No, I think they're the bread-and-butter of our social life! There isn't nearly enough appreciation of others in most of our lives. The opportunity to use Answerbag for that kind of conversation is wonderful, in my view. Yes, these things are not adding to the store of human knowledge... but they're enriching our lives. Free the Pirate's Baby!
  • Well, let us see how long your question stays alive. I had no idea that PrettyPirate was expecting a baby. How else would anyone find out if it weren't for these type of "questions" inviting responses to the news.
  • Well, they aren't exactly the sort of questions that this site intends to have, and there are a lot of them, but otherwise, how is everyone supposed to know what's going on? I say keep them; there are more pointless questions that haven't been rejected out there.
  • As long as the subject person agrees, seems to me those kinds of questions are good. What's wrong with asking? It gives people a chance to show their happiness for someone else's good fortune. How can that possibly be a bad thing?
  • Miss Pretty is pregnant? I had no idea!!! A pretty baby is on the way? Mazel Tov!
  • No, I think these questions are a great way to let people here know about big news (like this!). I will take this chance to congratulate PP for her pregnancy! Best of luck to you, lady :)
  • She's pregnant???!!!! Congratulations!!!!! If these kind of questions get rejected then it's time for me to move on. We are like family and family share these things with each other. Shame on the staff and booooo!! Please pass my best wishes to her and for her joy in motherhood!
  • I love the camaraderie of AB. If that question is wrong, then why is this one OK? "If you were a hot dog, and you were starving.... would you eat yourself?" I've offered several ridiculous questions for moderation and had them rejected, so why wouldn't a "community affair" question be good?
  • No, because I didn't even! A baby buckaneer..great!
  • It's the AB staff's prerogative to set the parameters for questions. Apparently, the congratulation matter does not meet the standards, probably because it is not really a question. Not being a question, it has no place here and should be rejected.
  • No way. Like everyone siad we're a family here and it gives us away to find out all the news without having try and leave it to be buried in comment threads or trying to send out a million e-mails. And if some of the offensive stuff I've seen on here gets to stay so should this. If anything we should get a separate catagory or a message board for them. By the way, Congradultions to Pretty Pirate on her new Deckhand.
  • I think maybe they are just having a bad day and possibly tomorrow they will realize how silly they looked rejecting it. Congratulations PrettyPirate!
  • It's not like there is a finite amount of space for questions. Considering the volume of questions asked I don't see why questions of this nature would hurt anything. I think the staff may be afraid they will get out of hand but I am sure there is some way to address this short of barring them altogether.
  • Let me put it this way. This would have to fall for birthdays, aniversaries, new Maestros, and other things that involve congrats. I think that we should encourage the appriciation of a congrats. This might be a debate that may come along in a short time here. In my view, I don't think that these questions shouldn't be rejected, unless they violate privacy or is not even asked as a question. It is a good view to show appriciation to others around here.
  • I don't think these questions should be banned or rejected. They serve a very good purpose, one of building community and letting others share in news of fellow ABers. They stimulate traffic here and isn't that what they want? I know it isn't a knowledge type question but then again, neither are those silly "This or That" questions. I was really surprised when I found out the question had been rejected. Here they are trying to get people together with the "friends" feature and now they want to keep us from talking and spreading good news and congratulations with those same friends? Makes no sense to me. Might as well not allow anything personal at all and just have a cold, impersonal knowledge=based website then. That would be one I'm NOT interested in spending much time. Kind of like reading wikipedia all day. Yuck! The long-term members are the lifeblood of this place, not the here one question, gone the next hour ones.
  • The staff have got some weird ideas about what's right and what's wrong. I'm obviously in favour of this type of question because I respond to them. The staff's time and effort would be better directed at killing the accounts of trolls who post questions attacking others - not just rejecting the questions as offensive, but removing the accounts.
  • Only if all the others, such as bithday wishes, are rejected as well. I rather enjoy those "questions" and am glad for the opportunity to share in the happy occasions of others. So I will take this opportunity to say...CONGRATULATIONS pretty pirate!! Great news!! :-D
  • I do not know how to word a congratulation into a question, so I can see the administrators dilemma. That being said, congratulations PrettyPirate!
  • I wish everyone the best but YES , Answerbag is about q & a primarily...not an upscale greeting card site. If it becomes common knowledge inadvertently through a question or comment, no problem. I'd like this place less if it got too chatty and personal and less about its mission.
  • Would it be possible for a CL to remove this question, or someone flag it as nonsense? I would like to see it removed from the site. Thanks.
  • I think if you want to congratulate someone just go to one of their threads and mention it. Making it a whole topic is just being a points prostitute...
  • No, I don't. These types of questions. Answerbag is a community type website, so we should congralate other Answerbaggers on things worth congratulating. This is one of those things. People do not have to answer the question if they do not want to. It should definitely be posted, not rejected.

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