• Usually a termed lease stipulates that there is still a 30 day notice required after the time is up...or at least defines the rules after the lease term is up. If you are saying there was never a lease (which is kind of weird), and no damage to justify it, I don't see any justification for the landlord keeping that money, other than just being a pain.
  • No, if you stayed in the house and continued to pay rent after the lease expired, you created a month-to-month tenancy and you would need to give 30 days notice to vacate the premises. If you leave with a few days notice, the damage deposit could be used to cover rent due.
  • No lease or a lease that has been fulfilled, becomes a month-to-month meaning that you agree to give the landlord at least 30 days notice. Your security deposit will be retained if you do not give the 30 days notice because the property will likely remain unrented if you vacate immediately.
  • you can definately leave as long as there is no lease i would give the owner a weeks notice in advance so that you can use him as a reference for another place. before you do leave make sure there is no damage to the house or he can take you to court and sue you and make sure theres no mess so you can avoid confrontation.
  • Nope they need to give a written 30 day notice to the landlord.
  • You might offend the sensibilities of a judge if you end up in court over it if you don't give the 30 days notice. Plus I think it's the law even in a month to month tenancy which is what you have if you have no lease.
  • not sure, they need to talk to whoever theyre renting from

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