• What are you talking about? Companies don't make sounds. Sounds like normal business to me. When I was management I tried to keep enough people hired that I didn't have to cut anyone's hours too thin, but still didn't have to be short handed. They could have replaced you with a new employee for that matter. But the more important thing is finding out why you didn't make the cut and plan how to do better next time.
  • slimy is how they sound were you a government sponsored trainee of some description where really they just used you up for cheap labour when the goverment money runs out they get rid of you and get another trainee, Theres lots of slimy companys that do that.
  • No they replaced me before getting rid of me
  • Not a lot of information provided. But hiring a replacement prior to terminating an employee is a smart move on their part. Did they give a reason for termination or no?
    • Abbey Davidson
      Lack of energy

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