• Sorry, but I do not. There is nothing better about my situation now than there was before he took office. My money went further, my cost of living was lower, and the economy was better before the old geezer took office and screwed everything up, IMHO. 5/1/23
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks dalcocono for your comment :)
    • dalcocono
  • At least Biden doesn't grab a Secret Service member's hand and pull it off the steering wheel.
  • No I think Joe Biden is selling out all the people of this world to woke corporate scum hes a traitor. Every US president in my life time has been a bigger sell out than the previous. All you old people should hang you heads in shame you stood there and did nothing while this has happened. A fish goes rotten at the head.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      So you don't like corporations now? A conservative who doesn't like coprporations. What a wonder! BTW it wasn't the "woke" who tried to overthrow the government on Jan 6th and it wasn't the liberals who caused Trump, it was the fossils like you.

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