• That could be a good idea. I've never understood much about mental illness. I can see that as part of high school "health" curriculum. I have no idea how the idea could be introduced by your local, state, or national educational systems. Perhaps, there is a school system that's already using such a curriculum that could be a model as to how that came about. Good luck with this.
  • I think that's a good idea shadow, especially bearing in mind teenage suicide rates and self harm, I think understanding others, the self, and our mental health would be beneficial.
  • what would be taught ? Half the class would use it as how to make the weak cry go home and kill yourself you are useless. They need to take a cup of concrete and harden the fuck up. Theres a war coming boy the Russians and Chinnese aren't going to give a shit about your pathetic mental health. They will make you cry In general life majourity of the people you work with wont give a shit about you your health or your mental health. Do you think sitting in a class room with some woman saying nice words is going to help you in the real world? Is this how the young generation become so weak? They are pathetic in my opinion my generation would of punched them up and stolen their lunch money daily.
    • Shadow
      Not everyone is you. There is only one of anybody in the world. I understand some people are able to be strong inside themselves but some of those type of people can guide others to do the same without forcing views. There are many things to be taught about mental health such as understanding emotions, empathy, what it means to be human, different mental illnesses, personal development and how to help yourself and others with support. In mental health there is a defence mechanism to it where the person can learn to deal with people who say bad things. Bullies who say bad things will be punished by being put into detention in the school. Speaking up for oneself is another thing about mental health. Without mental health, we would not exist. It’s a part of everybody in the world. The reality is there are some people who are unable to harden up. It may take time for some people to harden up and others are faster than others. Everyone is at their own level of things in life. I am very aware of the war going on. It is up to politicians and world leaders to resolve the conflict peacefully. I know that world peace is a delusion. Only a person can create their own peace while others are at war with themselves and others around them. Any type of violence gets a person nowhere in life and in some cases they will be in prison for their actions.
    • notyouraveragedummy
      11stevo73 You totally missed the point of the question. Teaching awareness of mental health and mental health issues (not treating it in class) could be important so that people aren't as ignorant about it as you and I are. The goal would be education, knowledge. When I was in school, there was no sex education, either in school or at home. It was a taboo subject and we entered the "adult" world ignorant of the facts. Knowing the facts isn't a waste of time.
  • It already is. In elementary school counseling is taught once a week. The counselor travels around to the classes on a schedule. When a child needs more help they get it. You have a counselor, don't you?
    • Shadow
      No. I don’t have a councillor

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