• Maybe, he opened his eyes and saw for himself what social and political injustice really is, and not through the eyes of a sensitive peewee.
  • By "did the work to get rid of Trump", you aren't talking about yourself. The "work" was done by the upper echelon who spent millions of taxpayer dollars dreaming up scandal after scandal in their witch hunt to get rid of someone they just didn't like. He did nothing wrong - he was never charged with anything even though he was hounded every minute of his administration (and beyond) with one failed attempt after another looking for anything they could contrive to get rid of him proves that they had nothing. People like you were nothing but cheerleaders. ΒΆ Since Biden won, we've seen nothing but a continuous trainwreck unfolding before our eyes. It's easy to see why you think offering to buy Greenland is an impeachable offense, but opening the border to illegal immigrants smuggling fentanyl and trafficking children isn't.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      Wow, youi're funny. You should work for Jay Leno.
    • Army Veteran
      You should wake up. Twitter is exposing more and more each day the corruption that you choose to turn a blind eye to. How else can you explain the former Liberal sanctuary state that it once was helplessly watching the entire Lib population suddenly abandon ship because Democrat officials are being exposed for their conspiracy to interfere in the 2020 election - which Conservatives have always known (it's been that transparent), but the Liberal sheep are still wide-eyed about, meandering through the halls with refreshments in hand?
  • He's always been against "Wokism." He hosted a show called "Politically Incorrect", for Pete's sake.

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