• I wish I could help you but I don't know how. I've not seen anyone saying things about you, but I'm choosy about the posts that I read. On some of the other sites I visit, I can "block" another member. That means I don't have to ever see anything that the member posts. I don't know that this is possible on this site. It should be..
  • So sad. Perhaps a bit of introspection can provide you with the answer to that question.
  • You can pick and choose the amount of power you allow someone over you on these sites. Best to just stick to topic, and not name call or get personal, even if the other person does. If someone does this with you, you can ignore it, a site like this isn't like being on the street and someone coming up to you, poking you on the nose calling you names and pushing themselves on to you, here you can just refuse to respond, you don't need to answer, you don't need to have the last word, you just have to "ignore" then the power you believe they have, just fades away. You can't control others here, you can express how you feel, and then just let it go, the power resides with you, not them, but you do need to notice how your behaviour may contribute to the problem, that's the only thing you can control.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      I understand what you mean. It’s like if I don’t say anything to this Answerbag user, they will think they have won over me. It’s difficult to ignore them when they tell me I need psychiatric help just because I don’t share the same views as them and they don’t know me in the real world. I understand by saying something to them, I am contributing to the problem. I can be responsive with people in general and I like to have a conversation. I’ve always been like that but when someone like this Answerbag user says things about me that are not true and making false assumptions, I would want to correct them from what they say. I will try my best not to say anything to them anymore
    • Creamcrackered
      All I'm suggesting is to just try something different, I understand it's difficult to not react or stand up for yourself, but if doing so isn't working, then not reacting will at least make you realise that you don't have to give your peace away to people you don't even know, and can't possibly change, that's not your job, imagine if it was, we'd all be shattered in trying wouldn't we? All we have to do is be aware of what we do and say, leave what other's do as their responsibility. If it doesn't work, you haven't lost anything in trying. As the saying goes, "While there's more than one person in this world, there will always be trouble in paradise." :)
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      I know what you mean.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      Why are you letting it bother you? You have a screen alias. Nobody knows who you really are. They can't do anything to you. Those of us in the Politics section have been trashing each other for quite a while. It doesn't bother me and I seriously doubt it bothers them. Chill. Half the people here are psychopaths or sociopaths anyway. Nobody cares because they can't hurt you.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      I hear where you are coming from Hulk70166. Some people on here are just not nice because of the things they say to others. Sometimes words can be hurtful but I try not to let that bother me although there are times when I get hurt. I like the attitude “in one ear and out the other” but some people who say hurtful things can be a bit much after a while. Nobody can physically hurt me online but I hear what you are saying
    • Linda Joy
      There have been times where I felt like I needed to take a break. I usually go watch a comedy film or listen to some music that cheers me up and come back when I feel better.
  • Your triggers are your responsibility. It isn't the world's obligation to tiptoe around you.
  • Sometimes, just giving a negative person in your life the attention they want from you is your worst option. Chances are that they just want to upset you or else they are just a jerk and aren't even doing this deliberately. Either way, letting it get under your skin means you lose. On the other hand, if you keep your head up and keep your composure, whether you respond or not, you win.
  • Lots of them have a problem with me. I don't care. I say what I feel is the truth and others can accept it or reject it. Why should you care what another ABer thinks of you? Or maybe I should ask why do you care so much what another insignificant anonymous person thinks of you?
  • IMHO I think you should ask yourself how important is this member to you. IS this person a significant part of your life? Its only her/his opinion. Nobody can please everyone. Hope this helps you feel better. Hugs.

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