• Just don't have a drivers license so you can't go pick her up. Ask her IF she'd like to hang out one evening. IF she says yes, ask her which night is best for her. There should be a place where the 2 of you can sit & talk & get to know each other better. Then, walk her home at the end of the night; or IF you have the cash, get an Uber & ride with her to her front door.. Hanging out isn't the same as dating, but it could lead to a date later on. Short explanation...just ASK her!!!
    • James Hetherington
      Ok, Thanks! But how do I ask her out at school, without getting rejected?
    • Majik-1
      Sorry Sweetie...getting rejected is part of the getting to know her or maybe dating her process!!! IF you don't ask her & at least give her the opportunity to reject you, you are automatically rejecting her by not asking!!! Who knows, she just might say yes & you won't know IF you don't ask!!! Believe it or not, there are WORSE things in life than being rejected by a girl!!! Anyway, don't ask her in front of all your friends...keep it personal & private.
  • Whether you should ask her to be your girlfriend depends on what kind of relationship you want from her. Even if you are both physically ready for intimacy being twelve you are to young for sex. If she is old enough she is out of your age range. I think being friends is okay at this point.
  • Ask her if she has seen a current movie. If she says no, ask her if she'd like to see it with you.

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