• No, the reputation of the USA to overseas entities hasn't changed due to Biden's administration. I will let you know if I see a president lying on TV. Of course my opinion means nothing to you, I can tell by your stilted choice of words.
    • Linda Joy
      "I can tell by your stilted choice of words." Exactly!! He's always bashing America.
    • notyouraveragedummy
      Who, 11stevo73 ?
  • The USA has become a laughing stock among other world leaders. Yes, Biden IS a liar. Notyouraveragedummy appears to be a Liberal and is in denial (and we all know what denial is). On the first day of Biden's "turn" (LOL), gas was approximately $2.39 per gallon in the US. He causes it to skyrocket to over $5.00 per gallon in many places and then takes credit for lowering it to around $4.25 - temporarily. He points out how he "brought the price of gas down" but fails to mention that 1) the high price was his fault, to begin with, and 2) even after dropping the price by that much, it is still higher than when he took over. That's like raising the prices in a store just before having a sale to make it appear people are saving money when they aren't. I believe rising prices in a store like that is called fraud. And when Biden takes credit for lowering the gas prices to make people think he did a good thing for them, it's also fraud. The only ones who believe him are his dumb-ass supporters.
  • Actually, we've probably gained a little international respect since Donny left office. Regardless of whether or not you like Donny, he has a serious case of diarrhea of the mouth. That is: he simply doesn't think about the consequences before speaking. His mouth is like a case of uncontrollable, explosive diarrhea. Biden's no great speaker, but he doesn't suffer that same, serious problem. Obama (as a speaker) was far superior to both but had his faults (whether scripted or not - remember "corpse man"?) *** "Does it offend you when you see the presadent lying on TV". Let me think. When's the last time a President - or someone running for President - was speaking to an audience and not lying? Well, I'm only 60 years old. I can't remember the last time that happened.
    • Army Veteran
      We didn't elect "Donny" to be an eloquent speaker. Too many politicians say pretty words and are corrupt all the way to the outhouse. We elected Trump to do a job and he did a good one. If you weren't so caught up in the "hate Trump hysteria" you could see that. You condemn the one President in decades who has brought real prosperity to this country while apologizing and making excuses for the trainwreck of a President that cheated his way into office and is enriching himself off of the taxpayers.
      We never elect any President to be an eloquent speaker...but despite that, that's pretty much expected of any President, and even when it ISN'T expected, care and responsibility for one's words IS. You're also way out of line with your analysis of my political leanings. ALL Presidents have several faults, mostly minor. Biden has a SERIOUS fault (or two) that aren't relevant to the question. Trump had the SERIOUS fault that I mentioned, one that IS relevant to the question.
  • Who respects you? You've lied consistently!!
    • 11stevo73
      You lot are pathetic you gave your country away and think Im going to stand here while spetic tanks try steal mine , You can't even afford fuel now don't tell me how to live. You had horses when you were young you don't now what happened?

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