• Sometimes people's circumstances change. Perhaps they lose their job and money becomes tighter (in this economy, things are getting worse every day). Maybe their job schedule has changed and they don't have the time to devote to their dog like they want to. There are all kinds of reasons for surrendering one's dog to the animal shelter. The biggest I can think of is so as not to dump it off in the middle of nowhere for it to fend for itself.
    • Moving Violation
      Excellent Aug.05.2022
  • Much more responsible than dumping it, abandoning it, or keeping it in a cage all its life. I think the main reason this happens is because a kid wants a pet, but the parent doesn't make sure the child is responsible enough to care for it, but they promise they'll take care of it and then they don't. Another would be thinking they have a boy when its a girl and she has a load of litters they have to get rid of. And like Bob Barker preached people don't get their animals spayed or neutered.
    • Moving Violation
      Excellent I have people dump their pets off here at the farm and I think this is just awful thinking a farmer wants them then I just have to dispatch them Aug.06.2022
  • If they can't look after a dog properly it is better that they give up the dog to someone who can. Unlike a car or smartphone a dog needs taking for walks, training, occasional vet's treatment, grooming, de-worming etc. I have read that here in the UK many people got dogs during lockdown and can't look after them properly now they're back at work, too many people don't realise the commitment required when you have a pet.
  • In the UK, this has been a result of people getting pets during the Covid, and now not having the time for them now the Covid restrictions have all but gone, and so they have returned to work and their normal lives. Lot's of people made a lot of money breeding and selling pets during the Covid, puppies here were fetching from £2,000 to £4,000, and some weren't even pedigree.
  • Perhaps the dog didn't get along with other pets in the home. Perhaps the dog was aggressive, or menacing. Perhaps the dog killed or injured livestock. Perhaps the dog bit a child in the family. There are several reasons to consider giving a dog to a shelter that aren't irresponsible.
  • It makes you wonder why these people do these things but it happens
  • Sometimes they are moving and can't take them to the new place, other times they may be too costly to be able to care for them.
  • It's not irresponsible if the owner or owners realize they can't take care of their young dog. Either they didn't realize the dog wasn't for them or circumstances changed and for that reason couldn't keep the dog.
  • 6th august 2022.....some people dont care about the poor pets and how it will break their hearts ,cause thepets will miss their owners

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