• That's actually typical. Every once in a while we have lots of new questions, but usually it's a few (< 10) new questions each day plus a bunch of old questions re-appearing at the top of your list. (This isn't Y!A...)
  • Yup, I find myself coming to this site less and less because it is really rather dull. IMHO.
  • that would be because there isn't alot of users that visit the site.
  • 8th july 2022 ...... true ..i have never asked any myself . we all should date them
  • We have too many users who like to answer questions and not ask them. And when I try and liven the place up someone bitches I'm hogging the leader board and not giving anyone else a chance! And I get sick of hearing people whine! You're damned if you do and damned if you don't, so why try? No one appreciates it! And its obvious by the lack of participation asking questions that everyone would rather complain than do something about it, so screw them!
      You DO liven the place up. Please ignore the jealous point-counters.
    • Linda Joy
      Thanks, its good to feel appreciated.
  • I keep answering the same Qs.

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