• Well...the most STRAIGHTFORWARD solution is - unfortunately - to eradicate the human species. Do that and the environment will return to a nearly pristine state within 100 years.
  • Leave it the F*CK ALONE! There's no such thing as "Climate Change". The earth has been around for millions of years and has gone through climate changes like the Ice Age. Are they going to blame that on man, as well? Was it the dinosaurs that farted themselves out of existence? (Only an idiot would believe that.) The earth HAS to go through climate changes - that's how it recycles used-up resources and changes the landscape. Did North and South America detach themselves from Africa and Europe because of "Climate Change"? (Only an idiot would believe that.) As you can see, there are a lot of idiots in the world. Not just the ones who promote "Climate Change" - they're getting rich from it. They're smarter than the low-level idiots who buy into it and spend their time destroying the world around them in the name of "green energy" while making the "intellectual idiots" rich. Get a life and use your head for something besides keeping track of how tall you are.

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