• Good question. The answer is, they know almost nothing about diagnosing problems. Doctors spend around 600 teaching hours in medical school learning the effects of pharmaceuticals on the human body while only around 6 teaching hours are devoted to nutrition. Thus, they are a hundred more times educated in how to write prescriptions than how to figure out what the problem is. This is evident in the following based on the laws of physics: "If the cause of a disease is eliminated, there would be no reason for that disease to exist." In other words, if they figured out what causes the problems, they could fix them and not have to write prescriptions for everything.
    • DancesWithWolves
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    • Linda Joy
      I think a lot of the disconnect is that the patient does not comply with the dr's orders. People smoke, eat unhealthily, don't exercise, drink alcohol, use drugs, slouch... And even after the drs tell them not to do these things they have the nerve to blame the dr because they get sick? Typical nowadays. No one wants to take personal responsibility for their own actions so they blame anyone/everyone else!!
    • 1465
      People should learn to take care of themselves. I don't mean "self-medicate" - I mean prevention. Taking care of yourself isn't that difficult. "If all the primary ingredients are available for its normal functions, the human body does not engage in making things that are bad for its survival." --Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, M.D.
  • First they want to help people, then they want to make money. And people don't feel good because they don't do what the dr tells them to do. And the elderly are dying. Should they celebrate?
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    • 1465
      Many are in it for the money. Back in YA I saw a lot of questions from people wanting to know how much certain medical professions make.
  • There aren't the workers to offer practical help such as counselling or CBT, and that side of things costs them money, where as Big Pharma makes a lot of money, hence good for the shareholders. According to market research in 2019, the worldwide pharmaceutical market was worth nearly $1.3 trillion.
    • 1465
      Healthcare costs would drop appreciatively if elected officials were prohibited from investing in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceuticals is one of the special interest groups that get Congressional support - it's a conflict of interest.
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